Portable Disaster Relief Systems

Rapid Deployment – MovingLockers Mobile lockers’ design allows for up to 30 units to be shipped on one truck to any disaster or emergency location for multi-function use. Able to be quickly assembled in 15 minutes each by two men results in more time to do important emergency work, . Our MovingLockers can be deployed for Floods, Earthquakes,, Tornado and any other disaster.

Key Features

Quick assembly in less than 15 minutes by two men without tools.
Interior is more sanitary than conventional emergency relief solutions
Elevated floor is above water and mud, providing a water resistant environment.
Sturdy lockable door allows for a secure space
Quick dis-assembly in less than 15 minutes allows for rapid deployment at a moment’s notice and provides a solution for a multitude of different environments at emergency or disaster relief sites.

Competitive Advantages

MovingLocker First Response Mobile Lockers are extremely durable and have capabilities for multiple missions. Rapid deployment of 12 units on one truck along with quick assembly and disassembly in less than 15 minutes, make ESS First Response Mobile Lockers a great solution for saving valuable time in delivering significant infrastructure assets to the emergency and disaster locations.